At this site I will share my personal Miele vacuum reviews with you so you can make the switch that you will never regret. I’ve tried so many different brands of vacuums and I’ve found the most reliable of all of them to be Miele.

So far I have written four five reviews on from what my experience are the best Miele’s, I will add more as I get the time and have the chance to try more out.

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Why Go With Miele?

Miele is a family run company located in Germany which is well known for producing high quality household products. It specialises in kitchen and commercial equipment, such as vacuum cleaners and home appliances.

The History of Miele

Miele appeared in 1899 and was founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Carl did the manufacturing supervision and Reinhard handled the sales and finances. The first products which were created by Miele were the tub washing machine, cream separator and butter churn.

The Miele trademark was used in the olden days on all of its machines, name plates, printed machines and adverts which were created by Miele. To this day, the trademark remains the same, which is the Miele logo which that has a sloping dash used as the dot on the I. To this day, the trademark still remains the same apart from a few minor changes to the colour and appearance of the logo.

Miele products can be found worldwide and are sold in 37 different counties across the globe. Miele appeared in the USA in 1983 when they established a headquarters in New Jersey. In 1999, Miele decided to relocate their headquarters to Princeton and had a uniquely designed building which was designed and created by Michael Graves. Products are currently exported to all different countries around the globe but are solely manufactured in Germany, Romania and Czech Republic.

The products of Miele

Miele produces a range of different high quality domestic appliances such as speed ovens, dishwashers, laundry appliances, refrigerators, freezers, coffee systems, wine coolers and vacuum cleaners. Miele was award in 2007 for being the most successful company of the year due to the excessive amount of sales which were made worldwide. Miele even beat Google and Porsche by making more sales and generating more profits. Miele was also awarded with the best brands prize due to the quality and durability of their products.

Miele is well known for producing high quality vacuum cleaners which are designed to provide the best cleaning experience and last a life time. Miele is well know for producing vacuum cleaners which include a range of different features to make vacuum cleaning around the home an extremely easy task. The vacuum cleaners which are produced by Miele offer unique suction power which is much more powerful than any other vacuum, and include a range of different tools and features for different cleaning situations.

Miele’s vacuum cleaner products include the S7 class, which are a range of different vacuum cleaners that offer a 360 degree vacuum cleaning experience. These vacuum cleaners are designed for reaching areas which are unreachable with a standard vacuum cleaner and are extremely capable of dealing with practically any cleaning situation.

Miele products are favoured by many worldwide due to their unique quality and performance. Many individuals agree that Miele vacuum cleaners are well worth the money that you pay. This website contains a whole range of Miele vacuum cleaner reviews so that you can find the best vacuum cleaner to suit your individual needs. No matter what kind of cleaning situations you may face on, Miele is sure to have a product fit for the job. I am proud and honored to be sharing with you my Miele vacuum reviews and hope you can find some great value in them.

Miele Titan S2180

The Miele Titan S2180 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is manufactured in Germany like all other Mieles and probably remains one of the most robust and extremely durable vacuum available in the marketplace today. The S2180 Canister Vacuum Cleaner has an estimated lifespan of 20 years. One of the best features of this vacuum cleaner, it’s extremely light and very powerful as it uses a highly reliable 1200 watt motor. It incorporates the HEPA Filter which is ideal for allergy-prone individual or asthma patients, like my husband!. The Miele Titan also comes with a parquet floor brush and the power-head attachment which is designed to perfectly suck dirt from bare floors to low/medium and even thick carpeting. Because of its lightweight feature, this particular vacuum is extremely maneuverable. Its crush-proof hose, telescopic wands (stainless-steel), crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush tool makes it the perfect solution for any home or small office.

Don’t just trust me, the Titan is getting tons of positive reviews within the online community. Probably my favorite feature is the vacuum cleaner’s unique relatively silent operation. This is a fantastic feature to have especially if there are newborns or infants around the house like I do. I used the Titan in the same room where my baby was sleeping and she didn’t even wake up. I also love the fact I can carry the Titan S2180 up and down the stairs with just one hand, which makes it the perfect cleaning tool for the whole house.

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Miele Polaris S4212

The Miele Polaris S4212 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for a housewife such as myself that uses a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis for my cleaning tasks around the home. I previously had problems when carrying my old vacuum cleaners around the home due to the bulky size and weight of the the machines. This used to cause me many problems such as back pain and believe it is one of the main reasons why my back is now permanently damaged.

Weighing just 10 pounds, the Miele Polaris is perfect for an individual such as my self who is not very strong and needs a vacuum cleaner which can easily be carried around the home. It is so easy for me to clean different areas of the home and I could probably run with this vacuum cleaner it’s so light!

The dust bags of my old vacuum cleaners used to become full very quickly and my vacuum needed emptying on a regular basis. This was a hassle when I had quite a large amount of vacuum cleaning to do such as when the kids made a huge mess and would cause me to waste a lot of time due to the constant need to empty the vacuum cleaner. The Miele Polaris comes equipped with a 3.5 quart dust bag which is very large and fits an huge amount of dust and dirt inside. I no longer have to go through the troubles of constantly emptying the vacuum cleaner and no time is wasted when performing the daily vacuum cleaning. Continue reading

Miele S5981 Capricorn

The Miele S5981 Capricorn is by far the most luxurious vacuum cleaners I have ever used! At $1,200 dollars, this machine is well worth the money that you pay. In fact, $1,200 is cheap for a vacuum cleaner this amazing in my opinion. Due to recently purchasing a dog and having to mother two children, I know how important it is to find a vacuum cleaner which is perfect for the job.

The Miele S5981 was manufactured in Germany and is designed to last a life time. This vacuum cleaner is very light weight considering the amount of features that it has to offer. As an old housewife, I need a vacuum cleaner which is very easy to lift and carry around the home and this product is perfect! I am not a very strong person as such and used to struggle when carrying my old vacuum cleaners around to different areas of my home, such as upstairs and in the attic. The Miele S5981 is probably the lightest vacuum cleaner that I have ever picked up which is a huge advantage for me when cleaning the home.

The Miele S5981 comes equipped with a 1,200 watt vortex motor which offers insane suction power. One of the most common problems which I used to face with old vacuum cleaners was the low suction power that they used to provide. I usually had to re vacuum areas of the floor to ensure that every last bit of dust and dirt was successfully collected by the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the suction power of the Miele S5981, I can now power through any dust and dirt which I face and can even power through larger pieces of dirt, such as wood chippings. Continue reading

Miele Olympus S2120

The Miele Olympus S2120 is probably one of the best vacuum cleaners I have ever owned! With it’s quality German build with an average lifespan of 20 years, you can’t go wrong for just $299. I am a mother of two young children and I know how important is is to find the best vacuum cleaner to suit your needs for cleaning around the home.

The Miele Olympus comes featured with everything I need for the ultimate vacuum cleaning experience! One of the major problems that my old vacuum cleaners used to cause me was the weight of the machine. I used to struggle when carrying my vacuum around the home and I believe it is the main cause of my back damage which I now suffer with. Thanks to the Miele Olympus, this problem is now solved as it weighs just 13 pounds. I can carry my vacuum around the home with ease now and have no problems when vacuum cleaning areas such as the attic.

Another problem which my old vacuum cleaners used to cause me was the low suction power that it used to provide. I always had to re vacuum areas of my room to ensure that all of the dust and dirt was collected successfully. Thanks to the Miele Olympus’s 1200 watt motor, this problem is now solved and I can power through any dust and dirt which is in my way. The vacuum also comes equipped with a suction dial which allowed you to change the suction power for use on different floor surfaces such as furniture, throw rugs and drapes. The suction dial lets you choose a setting between 200 – 1,200 watts, with the 200 watt setting being ideal for late night vacuum cleaning when the kids are in bed. Continue reading

Miele S7210 Twist

As a mother of two, I know how awkward it can be when the kids make a mess in all different areas of the home. The Miele S7 Twist upright vacuum is one of the best swivel neck vacuum cleaners I have ever used! The swivel neck offers a full 360 rotation which even allows the vacuum cleaner to be laid flat on the floor. This is extremely beneficial when cleaning mess from underneath beds and cupboards. No more kneeling down with my vacuum to reach my the mess that my kids make underneath the bed.

As an owner of a hardwood floor, I know how easily they can become damaged and finding the right vacuum cleaner for the job is essential. When vacuum cleaning my hardwood floor with previous vacuum cleaners, the solid wheels used to damage my hardwood floor and leave many marks and scratches on the surface. The Miele S7 features smooth rolling wheels which are designed specifically for vacuum cleaning on fragile surfaced floors, such as hardwood floors.

A major problem which my previous vacuum cleaners used to cause was low suction power. This was a hassle when trying to clean large messes from around the home and meant that I had to keep re cleaning areas to ensure that the vacuum cleaner collected all of the dirt. The Miele S7 comes equipped with a powerful 1,200 watt vortex motor and four stage suction control which offers amazing suction power. Cleaning large messes is no longer a problem as the Miele S7 powers through any dust and dirt in its way. Continue reading