Miele Olympus S2120

The Miele Olympus S2120 is probably one of the best vacuum cleaners I have ever owned! With it’s quality German build with an average lifespan of 20 years, you can’t go wrong for just $299. I am a mother of two young children and I know how important is is to find the best vacuum cleaner to suit your needs for cleaning around the home.

The Miele Olympus comes featured with everything I need for the ultimate vacuum cleaning experience! One of the major problems that my old vacuum cleaners used to cause me was the weight of the machine. I used to struggle when carrying my vacuum around the home and I believe it is the main cause of my back damage which I now suffer with. Thanks to the Miele Olympus, this problem is now solved as it weighs just 13 pounds. I can carry my vacuum around the home with ease now and have no problems when vacuum cleaning areas such as the attic.

Another problem which my old vacuum cleaners used to cause me was the low suction power that it used to provide. I always had to re vacuum areas of my room to ensure that all of the dust and dirt was collected successfully. Thanks to the Miele Olympus’s 1200 watt motor, this problem is now solved and I can power through any dust and dirt which is in my way. The vacuum also comes equipped with a suction dial which allowed you to change the suction power for use on different floor surfaces such as furniture, throw rugs and drapes. The suction dial lets you choose a setting between 200 – 1,200 watts, with the 200 watt setting being ideal for late night vacuum cleaning when the kids are in bed.

The Miele Olympus comes equipped with a 9 layer, self sealing bag which is resistant to breakage from nails, glass and other sharp objects. This is extremely beneficial if you have children like myself as when my children break their toys, the pieces can pierce the vacuum bag and cause the machine to malfunction.

Miele OlympusThis vacuum cleaner is especially effective when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. My laminate floor gets very messy sometimes due to my children and therefore requires constant vacuum cleaning. The vacuum cleaners back in the day were not designed for cleaning hardwood floors and I had a terrible experience when I first purchased my laminate floor. I attempted to vacuum clean the floor with the old, standard vacuum which caused major damage to my floor and made it look very worn out. The Miele Olympus comes equipped with a range of different tools such as the dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool which are designed for use on different floor surfaces such as hardwood floors. One major advantage of the Miele Olympus is that you can switch to different tools with the click of a button, you don’t even have to go through the process of unscrewing tools to fit another, you can just click a button which changes it automatically! This is extremely beneficial as it allows me to go from hardwood floor cleaning, to carpet cleaning with just the click of a button.

The Miele Olympus is totally recommended for housewives who are looking for the ultimate vacuum cleaner that makes your daily cleaning tasks a breeze! This vacuum has every feature you will ever need around the home and at just $299, I totally recommend this vacuum to anybody looking for a cheap, reliable vacuum cleaner which offers a range of different tools. Click here to learn more!

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