Miele Polaris S4212

The Miele Polaris S4212 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for a housewife such as myself that uses a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis for my cleaning tasks around the home. I previously had problems when carrying my old vacuum cleaners around the home due to the bulky size and weight of the the machines. This used to cause me many problems such as back pain and believe it is one of the main reasons why my back is now permanently damaged.

Weighing just 10 pounds, the Miele Polaris is perfect for an individual such as my self who is not very strong and needs a vacuum cleaner which can easily be carried around the home. It is so easy for me to clean different areas of the home and I could probably run with this vacuum cleaner it’s so light!

The dust bags of my old vacuum cleaners used to become full very quickly and my vacuum needed emptying on a regular basis. This was a hassle when I had quite a large amount of vacuum cleaning to do such as when the kids made a huge mess and would cause me to waste a lot of time due to the constant need to empty the vacuum cleaner. The Miele Polaris comes equipped with a 3.5 quart dust bag which is very large and fits an huge amount of dust and dirt inside. I no longer have to go through the troubles of constantly emptying the vacuum cleaner and no time is wasted when performing the daily vacuum cleaning.

The Miele Polaris comes equipped with an extremely powerful 1,200 watt motor which gives the vacuum insane suction power. One of the most common problems that I used to face with my old vacuum cleaners was the need to constantly re clean areas of a room, to ensure that all of the dust and dirt was picked up by the vacuum. This was due to the low suction power that the old vacuum cleaners used to provide and was very time consuming. The 1,200 watt motor which is included in this vacuum means that I do not have to constantly re clean areas of the home to ensure that all of the dust and dirt is collected by the vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is so powerful, it even sucked up a whole biscuit that one of my kids had dropped on the floor!

You would think that a 1,200 watt motor would mean that the vacuum cleaner is very noisy, however this is not the case with the Miele Polaris. This is probably one of the quietest vacuum cleaners I have ever used which even allows me to carry out the vacuum cleaning when my kids are in bed, late at night.

The Miele Polaris comes equipped with 3 tool accessories which are designed for vacuum cleaning different floor surfaces. The dusting brush is designed for use on hard surfaced floors such as laminate and is effective at cleaning small areas and spaces. The upholstery tool is extremely effective when cleaning carpets and even enhances your carpets appearance as the tool rolls over your carpet and gives it a smooth finish. The crevice nozzle is designed for cleaning in tight areas which I found is extremely effective when the kids make a mess down the side of the sofa or in a similar place.

At just $399, you cant go wrong when purchasing the Miele Polaris as it is an extremely effective vacuum cleaner packed full of features and will serve any housewife very well. With it’s jam packed features and the seriously low price, the Miele Polaris is the only tool you will ever need for vacuum cleaning around the home! Click here to learn more!

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