Miele S5981 Capricorn

The Miele S5981 Capricorn is by far the most luxurious vacuum cleaners I have ever used! At $1,200 dollars, this machine is well worth the money that you pay. In fact, $1,200 is cheap for a vacuum cleaner this amazing in my opinion. Due to recently purchasing a dog and having to mother two children, I know how important it is to find a vacuum cleaner which is perfect for the job.

The Miele S5981 was manufactured in Germany and is designed to last a life time. This vacuum cleaner is very light weight considering the amount of features that it has to offer. As an old housewife, I need a vacuum cleaner which is very easy to lift and carry around the home and this product is perfect! I am not a very strong person as such and used to struggle when carrying my old vacuum cleaners around to different areas of my home, such as upstairs and in the attic. The Miele S5981 is probably the lightest vacuum cleaner that I have ever picked up which is a huge advantage for me when cleaning the home.

The Miele S5981 comes equipped with a 1,200 watt vortex motor which offers insane suction power. One of the most common problems which I used to face with old vacuum cleaners was the low suction power that they used to provide. I usually had to re vacuum areas of the floor to ensure that every last bit of dust and dirt was successfully collected by the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the suction power of the Miele S5981, I can now power through any dust and dirt which I face and can even power through larger pieces of dirt, such as wood chippings.

Miele CapricornI have suffered from asthma ever since I was a young child and one of the major problems that my old vacuum cleaners used to cause was the dust leaking out of the bag and into the air. When I inhaled the dust, it used to cause major breathing problems for me and I had to take regular doses of my inhaler when carrying out my vacuum cleaning tasks. The Miele S5981 comes equipped with a specialized seal system construction which ensures that no dust leaks out from the vacuum and I no longer have to keep my inhaler on stand by when performing my vacuum cleaning tasks.

The Miele S5981 includes a Miele power-head, which is designed for restoring crushed carpet and deep cleaning on all carpet surfaces. The power-head is also really effective at cleaning up my dogs hair from the floor as it can collect large amounts of dog hair at the same time. Cleaning up dog hair used to be a real hassle with my old vacuum cleaners as they did not correctly pick up the dog hair and I would have to keep re cleaning areas, which was very time consuming.

The Miele S5981 also includes a floor brush which is designed for vacuum cleaning low under furniture and underneath base boards. The floor bush can be rotated in a 90 degree motion so that it can be maneuvered into tight spaces which many vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

The Miele S5981 offers an amazing amount of different crevice tools for cleaning on different surfaces. No matter what surface you are faced with, the Miele S5981 offers a tool compatible for it.

At $1,200, this vacuum cleaner really is a bargain and there is no other vacuum cleaner in the world that is as effective as the Miele S5981. Click here to learn more!

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