Miele S7210 Twist

As a mother of two, I know how awkward it can be when the kids make a mess in all different areas of the home. The Miele S7 Twist upright vacuum is one of the best swivel neck vacuum cleaners I have ever used! The swivel neck offers a full 360 rotation which even allows the vacuum cleaner to be laid flat on the floor. This is extremely beneficial when cleaning mess from underneath beds and cupboards. No more kneeling down with my vacuum to reach my the mess that my kids make underneath the bed.

As an owner of a hardwood floor, I know how easily they can become damaged and finding the right vacuum cleaner for the job is essential. When vacuum cleaning my hardwood floor with previous vacuum cleaners, the solid wheels used to damage my hardwood floor and leave many marks and scratches on the surface. The Miele S7 features smooth rolling wheels which are designed specifically for vacuum cleaning on fragile surfaced floors, such as hardwood floors.

A major problem which my previous vacuum cleaners used to cause was low suction power. This was a hassle when trying to clean large messes from around the home and meant that I had to keep re cleaning areas to ensure that the vacuum cleaner collected all of the dirt. The Miele S7 comes equipped with a powerful 1,200 watt vortex motor and four stage suction control which offers amazing suction power. Cleaning large messes is no longer a problem as the Miele S7 powers through any dust and dirt in its way.

The Miele S7 weighs just 19 pounds, which makes it easy for me to carry up the stairs without causing any hassle and can even be carried by my mother, who is now 83 years old!Miele S7 Twist

My previous vacuum cleaners used to collect a lot of dirt which was not properly filtered and used to cause a major mess when emptying the vacuum cleaner. When I would open the cap of the vacuum, a lot of the dust and dirt used to fall out and sometimes make a huge mess, missing the bin. Thanks to the super air clean filter, all of the dust and dirt is successfully filtered by the vacuum and causes no mess whatsoever when emptying the vacuum.

My car needs regular cleaning due to my children making a mess all over the interior therefore it is essential that I can vacuum clean the inside of my car. This used to be a major problem for my previous vacuum cleaners as they just did not reach without an extension cable. Every time I needed to clean my car, I had to go through the hassle of locating the extension cable so that I could plug my vacuum cleaner into it and successfully reach my car. The Miele S7 includes a 39 foot long cord which makes reaching distances which are a substantial distance away from the plug socket very easy. My car is relatively far away from my home but the Miele S7 reaches with ease!

If you are looking for a light weight, nimble and smooth vacuum cleaner which gives you a 360 degree vacuum cleaning experience, the Miele S7 is perfect for you! I understand many of you may have children which can make a mess in the most unusual of places but thanks to this vacuum, it can all be cleaned up in a breeze! At just around $429, this vacuum cleaner is totally worth the money! What are you waiting for, purchase this vacuum now and end all those vacuum cleaning problems! Click here to learn more!

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